About Arete


Areté. How do you say that again? It’s Greek and pronounced ar-uh-tay. The meaning is the concept of excellence or virtue. You like that? There’s more…when applied personally, it means striving to reach your highest potential, becoming your best, and magnifying the full measure of your being.

Each person has their own unique areté, their personal excellence. As such, the meaning of the word changes depending on what or to whom it is applied. Arete, to us, is unique, clean images and simple, helpful design.


Arete Studios was previously known as Saans Photography.

Saans has been around since 1952. That’s a pretty long track record! We took over a little under 2 years ago and have taken all the best parts and added some great new additions to the studio itself and the business. Incorporating traditional standards with a modern flair, Arete Studios builds on the Saans brand and delivers even more to all our loyal and new customers.


Arete Creative is custom design services and templates.

We started out as designers, and are working photographers so we understand the business of photography.
Our products are not your regular templates and you’ll defiantly not be finding any fru fru! We uniquely marry both form and function by providing helpful tools for your workflow, studio, and business. A lot of thought and research goes into each product. We want to make your life easier and make you look good. A few of the major considerations we always address is keeping our designs current in style, functionality and ease of customization. We also ensure you always have the customer support, training and service you need.


Arete is workshops, webinars and customized personal training.

We love learning and sharing what we know through training, workshops and personalized consulting. Half and full day seminars are available at our studio as well as on-locations. We artists tend to learn more through experience, so all our workshops are hands-on training. Our philosophy is that by sharing creative thoughts, more are created, and therefore we don’t hold anything back. Our secrets and tips are yours. Oh, and we’ll never get in your way when you’re shooting!
Sometimes you might just want or need our undivided attention. Personal one-on-one consulting and small group training for your staff is available. We customize training to your specific needs and can cover a variety of topics including branding, workflow efficiency, shooting and lighting ability, product design and post-production. Even the pros need to stay in the game, so we work with industry leaders and major speakers to enhance their personal studios and skills.
Jaron has taught internationally and all over the USA. Whether it is through on-site local training, webinars, all day workshops or speaking engagements, it is definitely worth looking into!